2014-15 History

These are the past events and Student Council Members for 2014-15.

2014-15 Student Council Election Speeches

This is the first year Weller held its Student Council Elections the year before the new officers take their place. The 2014-15 elections will be held on May 30, 2014. There were 13 candidates who ...more

2014-15 Pre-Election Activities & Process

2014-15 Student Council Was Elected on May 30, 2014!

At the tail end of the 2013-14 school year, Weller's Administrative team--Mrs. Kusunoki and Mrs. Mallashock, and Student Council Advisor--Ms. Winer, worked together to hold the 2014-15 Student ...more

2014-15 Election Speeches

2014-15 Newly Elected Student Council

Biographies for Council Officers

These are the biographies each Council member wrote to go with their photo.

Justin, President

Justin is in the 6th Grade. He likes playing basketball, mountain and dirt biking and playing with RC ...more

2014-15 Jack Emery Canned Food Drive Totals

The Canned Food Drive ran from Monday, November 17- Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Weller's Goals were 2,500 cans and $750

Our totals were

1,400 cans and $1,161 in cash

Student Council & Classroom Representatives Boxing Up the Cans

Spangler Challenges Weller to be Water Ballooned if Weller Loses

The school with the highest can average

gets to throw water balloons at the Principal and Student Council of the losing school!

Come on Weller Let's Get Our Cans In!!

2014-15 Jack Emery Brunch Kick Off on November 4, 2014

Student Council & Classroom Representatives Making Jack Emery Posters

Field Trip to the Milpitas Food Pantry

This year's Student Council went on a field trip to the Milpitas Food Pantry to learn how the Pantry works and what Ms. Kollander and her team does with the donations. Council learned that the Pantry ...more

2014-15 Field Trip to the Milpitas Food Pantry

2015 Valentine Grams Are Coming!

Weller Staff, Students and Families!

Student Council will have their Annual Valentine Grams for Sale. Cards will be sold in the MUR during lunch starting Monday, Feb 9 through Thursday, Feb 12.

There will be four different categories:

$0.10 cards with no candy

$0.25 cards with a Hershey's kiss

$0.50 cards with a Dum Dum Lollipop

This year they will be adding a new one. Students will go to the Multi-Use Room (MUR) and create this one themselves

$1.00 card with a Tootsie Roll



2015 Poster.JPG

Student Council

Valentine Grams Go On Sale Tuesday, Feb 7- Monday, Feb 13...Get Yours!!!



Valentine Gram Funds go to Purchase a New PE Equipment Cart

Funds to go purchase a new PE Equipment Cart similar to what is below.

2015 Jack Emery Canned Food Drive Has Begun!

Welcome to the 2015 Jack Emery Canned Food Drive! Weller's Can Goal is 1,675 and their Money Goal is $950. As of Friday, December 4, our total so far is...

911 cans and $164

Come on Weller Mustangs! ...more

Student Council's Field Trip to The Milpitas Food Pantry

The Student Council was taken to the Food Pantry to see how it is ran. They talked with Karen Kolander and found out what the Pantry does with its donations.


2015 Milpitas Food Pantry Student Council Field Trip

Newsletter Article: Jack Emery Canned Food Drive Has Begun!!!

by Irelan and Madison

The Jack Emery Drive is the most important part of November because it gives food to people who need it for themselves and family members especially when kids are in the family. ...more

2015 Jack Emery Brunch Begins The Canned Food Drive

November 3, 2015 is the Jack Emery Kick Off Brunch! Student Council and Ms. Winer will attend and place their goal pledges for Weller's participation in this years Canned Food Drive.

Student Council at Milpitas High School for Jack Emery Canned Food Kick Off Brunch

Weller's First Spirit Day of the Year


Mrs Maldonado's Winning PJ Class.jpg               Mrs VT's Winning PJ Class.jpg               Mr Duong's Winning PJ Class.jpg

Mrs. Maldonado's Preschool                    Mrs. VT's Kindergarten                         Mr. Duong's 4th Grade

      100% participation                                100% participation                                 80% participation   


Click the Link Below to Read the Newsletter Article:



September Spirit Day is Pajama Day

Here's how Weller does Pajama Day! Staff and Students!!!

Weller Staff and Students Wear Their Pajamas to School

2015-16 Student Council Does Valet and Flag Duty to help Weller!

                     Front Parking Lot.jpg          

                 Flag Duty                       Valets in Front                   Valets in Back                 

Please click on the link below to read the Newsletter article!


2015-16 Newly Elected Student Council

This year Weller will have 10 Student Council Members. The officers will be:

  • President--Normandy
  • Vice President of Service--Jade
    • Coordinator of Service--Ela
  • Vice President of Spirit--Justin
    • Coordinator of Spirit--Vu
  • Secretary/Communications--Lexine
  • Treasurer--Sydney
  • Technology--Darren
  • Newsletter Editor--Madison
    • Newsletter Coordinator--Irelan

2015-16 Student Council Officers

2015-16 Student Council Elections

The 2015-16 Student Council Election Speeches were held on May 29, 2015. There were 20 candidates who ran for next year's Student Council.

2015-16 Election Photos

2015-16 Student Council Election Ballots