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For students to benefit from Typing Club, they must do at least 40 minutes per week. It can be broken up or all at once. Of course, after all other homework is completed, students may do more than 40 minutes per week. This is a skill, that if learned at a young age, will help students in Intermediate grades throughout their lifetime.

Helpful Websites


Lexile- find books at your child's Lexile Level

Smitsonian Institute

Raise the Bar - Ways to Help Your Child

Home Page - Student On-Line Links and Parent Resource Information can be found here

Ms. daSilva

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Weekly Schedule

 8:00 - 9:00    Reading/Writing/Language Arts (Tues-Friday)

 8:10 - 8:40    Music For Minors (Thursday only) 
 9:00 - 10:00   RTI (*P.E. on Fridays only)       

10:00- 11:00   P.E. (Tues/Thurs only)

                       Learning Lab (Mon/Wed)   
11:00 -12:00   Lunch/Recess
12:00 -  1:00   Math 
  1:00 -  2:00   Computers (Mon)

  1:10 -  1:40    Library (Tues)
                        Social Studies/Science/Art (Fri)
Social Studies and Science will be integrated with Lang. Arts & Math

*Not all students go on Fridays, different groups will go.


Wondering about Common Core? Click on this link for more information:

Common Core for 2nd Grade

Videos from Prior Classes

School Year

2014 - 2015


Prior to 2013/14

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2nd GradeTeacher
Weller School Milpitas
(408)635-2876 x1152
or email:


Word Wizard

Here is a fun website for your child to practice spelling words:

Word Wizard

Parents' Guide to 2nd Grade

Super 5:  Back to School Power Moves for Parents


Coming Soon

2nd Grade Standards        

(Reading, Writing, Math)

Wish List

HP ink 61xl tri color or black
Laminating Pouches 5 mil
Disinfecting wipes
Lined paper
White Paper
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