Below is a video of the first set of students who presented in front of class. Be proud of your students. They all did a fantastic job! I know I am. I can't wait to see the next set of students present!




Below is a schedule of when your child will be presenting their Famous American. Please have your student prepared with their speech and costume. Speeches must be turned in on the Thursday before the presentation.

Friday, February 6th

Name Famous American
Katie Harriet Tubman
Billy Abraham Lincoln
Chloe Johnny Appleseed
Jessica Susan B. Anthony
Adrien Thomas Edison
Jody Henry Ford
Alana Betsy Ross
Sophia The Wright Brothers
Joseph George Washington Carver
Jericho George Washington


Friday, February 13th

Name Famous American
Isaiah Babe Ruth
Lauren Walt Disney
Kobe Jackie Robinson
Ethan Barack Obama
Ivy Amelia Earhart
Jennifer Bessie Coleman
Johnathan Neil Armstrong
Giya Eleanor Roosevelt
Navjyot Martin Luther King Jr.
Elise Rosa Parks
Parker Mae C. Jemison


Hi Parents! This month we've been testing out a few new things in our classroom. Last week, we took a quiz on Martin Luther King Jr. Watch below for a little clip of your students taking a quiz on the Chromebooks. The sound didn't work this time but hopefully, next time it will! Just so you all know, your students did a great job!




Thank you to all of the families who helped donate to the Jack Emery Food Drive. Our class was able to raise the most cans in the primary grade levels. Congratulations to all of you!

This holiday season has been amazing! Our class teamed up with Ms. daSilva's class to perform at Winter Wonderland and the Holiday Gathering assembly. The performances turned out great! I am so happy with all the practice and hard work your child put in to it. In case you missed it, here are some videos of the performances.