Class Information



All Weller Elementary School rules will apply in our classroom. Students are also asked to:

  1. Work as a team
  2. Be responsible
  3. Listen to others
  4. Be respectful to everyone
  5. Be kind and helpful
  6. Do your best



We will work hard to have a positive classroom culture, and to celebrate that culture in many ways (positive phone calls, increased privileges, etc.). While in class, students are expected to respect each other and the classroom. Students are expected to follow rules and procedures set forth in the classroom and on school grounds. All expectations will be explained to students on the first day/week of school, as well as reminders throughout the year. These expectations will be reinforced throughout the school year. Any undesirable behavior or conduct will result in a Stop and Think sheet or equal consequence. If inappropriate behavior continues the following may occur a letter home, visit to the Principal’s office, sitting out during recess, or a parent/teacher meeting.



Students will earn points in Class Dojo for good behavior, great choices, a positive attitude, kinds words, participation, etc. to be used towards Fun Friday centers every week. The student with the most points chooses their center first, followed by the next student, and so on.

Students learn very quickly that earning points has its rewards. Students are motivated to earn as many as they can. It becomes less about Fun Friday and more about becoming the best citizen that they can be. Students strive to earn more than they did the previous week.

Parents can  monitor their student's progress via the Class Dojo website or app on their mobile device. Parents can also receive messages from me and quick in the moment class updates. You can access Class Dojohere.