Student of the Month- April

Student of the Month- April

Alfredo Alvarez Villalpando (Kepner)-Alfredo is always involved in the classroom discussions. He also 'thinks' about the issues and asks revealing, thoughtful questions.

Mikaela Asuncion (da Silva)- Mikaela is responsible and makes sure she gets homework turned in on time. She is a good friend and role model to her peers. I am proud to have her as one of my students!

Jaelene Berjes (Lui)- Jaelene has shown a lot of growth in her academics and confidence. She is a hard worker and it shows in the effort that she puts into her work. She is always willing to help others and is responsible, respectful and safe at school. Keep up the great work, Jaelene!

Marlin Chen (Ramchandran)- Marlin comes to class ready to learn and works well with her peers. She is always willing to help in class, is punctual and turns in her homework on time.

Kiana Dean- Jimenez (Duong)- Kiana is an extremely kind and hard working young lady. She is respectful and never hesitates to help others. Kiana can always be seen diligently working, whether independently or collaboratively. Her positivity, gentle heart, and work ethic are just some of her amazing attributes. Kiana is truly a model student at Weller.   

Sophia Delgado (Nguyen)- Sophia tries her best in school. She is kind to her peers and loves playing chasing games with them. She loves listening to stories, and to read books to herself.  

Jheann Delinela (Gilpin)- Jheann has been working hard in class. She is ready to learn and is making a great effort to stay on task and complete classwork. Jheann has been participating more in class and is a good friend and helper to others.  

Aiden Kawamoto (McCarter)- Aiden puts forth great effort to improve his reading and learn math concepts. He is respectful and responsible. Keep up the great work.

Rudolpho Lane (Winer)- Rudolpho always tries his very best to complete his work. He is also respectful and helpful to his peers. Rudopho comes to class with an open mind and great attitude.

Jelcie Malonzo (Semrau)- Jelcie is an enthusiastic learner. She is helpful to others and gets her work done efficiently. She is an excellent oral reader and doesn't mind speaking in front of the class.

Ashley Nash (Sharma)- Ashley is excited to learn during homeroom. She is positive and always tries her best in class. 

Ethan Nguyen (Hirano)- Ethan is a hard worker in class. He likes to challenge himself and learn new concepts. He comes to school ready to learn and he a friendly helper to those around him.

Lily Nguyen (Salazar)- Lily is an extremely hardworking, motivated math student.  While she is still a 4th grade student, she is among the most proficient of her 5th grade class.  She goes to greater length to explain her math concepts, whether in writing or with illustrations, than most and yet still finishes her assignments quickly.  She also has gained recognition for her skills as she collaborates with her older peers.

Bea Joy Oliveros (Talucod)- Bea Joy is a hard-working, respectful, and determined student. She makes it her goal to complete all assignments in a timely manner and successfully does so. Bea Joy doesn't give up when she is faced with challenging tasks. She follows all school rules and is polite to others.  

Aimee Salazar (Mathias)- Aimee writes beautifully and has completed neat, high-quality work products in response to every in-class and homework assignment. Aimee is always respectful towards everyone.

Matthew Santa Cruz (Newstrom)- Matthew has worked harder than any other student in my classes this year. He always tries his best and gives 100% of his effort. I truly appreciate and recognize the progress Matthew has made this year because he works so hard.

Elise Tayaba (Von Tersch)- Elise comes to school, on time, prepared and ready to learn. Always listens to teacher during instruction. Keeps hands and feet to her self.