Student of the Month- May

Student of the Month- May

Brandon Bailey (Winer)- Brandon works hard in class and tries his very best. He is polite to his peers and the staff. Brandon is helpful to everyone.

Carla Contreras (Von Tersch)- Uses class time wisely and completes class work in a timely manner. Uses objects appropriately and with care. Has improved in all areas.

Jonathan Do (Ramchandran)- Jonathan is a quiet, shy student who is always willing to help others. He has never missed HW, been tardy or rude or disrespectful to his peers or teachers.Jonathan is an excellent role model for the fifth graders in the class.

Jasmine Kelly-Tanti (da Silva)- Jasmine is one of the most well rounded 3rd graders at Weller. She is not only an extremely bright student who soars academically, but she is also one of the most thoughtful, friendly and caring students. She is a role model to other students in many ways. 

Katie Mackey (Nguyen)- Katie has made great improvements in social skills during the last couple of months. She is upbeat and friendly with her peers.

Kobe Medina (Hirano)- Kobe comes to school on time, prepared and ready to learn. He has been an active learner all year and treats those around him with respect.  

Adrianna Nash (Newstrom)- Adrianna comes to school with the biggest smile on her face every day. She is enthusiastic about learning and always puts her best foot forward. She is polite and helpful to staff and peers. She is always a pleasure to have in class!

Mariahfaye Nogal (McCarter)- Mariahfaye makes a great effort to improve her reading skills in READ 180 class. She demonstrates excellent citizenship by being respectful, responsible, and safe. 

Orlando Nunez- Sandoval (Talucod)- Orlando has been trying very hard to be a good listener. He has also been making a greater effort to complete his work.  

Haileigh Olivas (Gilpin)- Haileigh has consistently come to school ready to participate and learn. She wants to succeed and progress academically. Haileigh always tries her best and is a good friend to others.  

Adrien Padilla (Lui)- Adrien has shown a lot of growth with his behavior in homeroom. He has done a better job of completing tasks and doing things right when he is asked. He is also making a great effort to use his words to solve problems and ask for things that he needs. Keep up the great work Adrien!

Joseph Ronquillo (Mathias)- Joseph is a well-mannered student who has made steady gains throughout the school year. 

Edward Torreverde (Duong)- Edward is always positive and incredibly vivacious. He is very animated and can put a smile on anyone’s face. Edward knows how to work productively, whether independently or collaboratively. His kindness, sense of humor, and work ethic are just some of his amazing attributes. Edward is truly a model student at Weller. 

Cynthia Villalpando (Salazar)- Cynthia has found her voice in Homeroom. She is an enthusiatic participant in group discussions on our class novel. She listens carefully to everything well and is able to integrate her understandings into a clear oral response. She has improved over the course of the year academically and socially through her studies; more so this past month above all.

Wendy Xie Ng (Vigneri)- Wendy is always on task and super helpful to everyone around her.