Student of the Month-February

Student of the Month-February

Aaron Aguirre (Sharma)- Aaron tries his best everyday. He is on task and has a positive attitude. 

Alfredo Alvarez (Kepner)-Alfredo is very involved in classroom discussions. He asks great questions, showing he is thinking about the subject matter. He wants to learn and helps others learn too.

Tyler Angwin (Lui)- Tyler is a wonderful student who tries his best everyday. He is polite to his peers and is always willing to help others. Keep up the great work!

Kristen Bongco (Vigneri)-Kristen is very respectful, kind, and helpful to her class peers and her teachers. She is a hard working and does her best at all times. 

Kael Chang (Von Tersch)- Kael comes to school prepared and ready to learn. He is engaged in his learning. He gives 100% of his best effort.

Geneva Deng (Semrau)-Geneva is kind and helpful to all students. She willingly tries to do her best in class.

Noel Diaz (Gilpin)- Noel is making academic progress in his reading and on iReady. Noel works hard to stay on task and complete class work. Keep up the good work Noel!

Jasmin Le (Duong)-Jasmin is a responsible, caring, and hard working student. Jasmin always comes to school excited and ready to learn. She holds herself accountable for work and only turns in her best effort. Her positive attitude, incredible work ethic, and productivity are just some of her amazing attributes. Jasmin is truly a model student at Weller.   

Ethan Managad (Nguyen)- Ethan is always listening to lessons, doing his work, and being helpful to his fellow students. He remembers when he is moving to other classes, and is following directions in those classes as well as his homeroom class. I am proud of you Ethan.  

Ezekiel Medina (Mathias)-Ezekiel is putting 100% effort into his math journal, listening, practicing, and completing his math homework. Ezekiel conducts himself in a safe, responsible, and respectful manner in class. Thank you, Ezekiel, for doing your best. 

Jennabelle Mislang (Hirano)-Jennabelle comes to school ready to learn. She has greatly improved at being an active learner in class and she makes valuable contributions to class discussions. She always follows our classroom and school rules and she is kind to her classmates.

Kristine Nguyen (Ramchandran)- Kristine has made the maximum gain in her class for i-Ready scores. She follows directions, works well with her classmates and does her best on assignments and tests.

Tung Nguyen (da Silva)-Tung has been diligent about learning to read and is practicing more at school and at home. He has made progress and is enjoying reading. His behavior in class has also improved.

Marielle Nogal (Winer)-Marielle tries her very best on everything she attempts in my class. She is very respectful of everyone in class. Marielle exhibits model citizenry within my classroom.

Haileigh Olivas (Talucod)- Haileigh has been putting forth the greatest effort to a responsible student. She works hard, follows directions, and tries her best with all assignments. She is always trying to do the right thing.

Perla Romero-Ibanez (Miller)- Perla always tries her best in all subjects. She follows directions and works well in class. Perla is also very responsible.

Jose Sanchez Mendez (McCarter)-Jose is a responsible student who continues to make progress in READ 180. He becomes more confident in reading and enjoys it very much. Keep up the great work!

Jayavan Tadas (Newstrom)-Jayavan has continued to make significant progress this school year. She has been working hard and has an excellent learning attitude. She collaborates and communicates well, and she is so motivated to get things done! I'm so proud of what she's been able to do this year so far!

Nathan Tran (Salazar)- As a 4th grade student, Nathan has one of the highest i-Ready scores among all 5th grade students.  He exhibits an extraordinary number sense, mastering all 4th grade skills upon Khan Academy.  While he is often over-exuberant, he class behavior is improving with respect to his interaction with his peers and his focus to explain ideas in writing.