Student of the Month- January

Student of the Month- January

Josue Aguirre (Semrau)- Josue is a very responsible student. He is alert, bright, and caring to others.

Annalise Benting (Mathias)-Annalise is a respectful student who always makes the right choices. She works hard and checks her work for correctness. She works very well with others, as well. 

Adrian Chavez (Lui)- Adrian is a model student who comes to school daily on time and ready to learn. He is a great example of what it is to be responsible with his things, respectful to classmates and safe while in the hallways. Keep up the good work, Adrian!

Isabella Diaz (Talucod)- Isabella follows all the rules and is nice to everyone. She comes to school ready to learn, every day. She tries her best on all assignments and submits them in a timely manner. 

Alaina Galindez (Sharma)- She is responsible and has a positive attitude. Completes her homework and assignments on time and to the best of her ability. 

Isaiah Garcia-Palafox (Gilpin)- Isaiah has settled into his new ELA classroom well. He comes ready to learn and is beginning to participate more in class. He is a hard worker and sets a good example with listening and following directions. Keep up the good work Isaiah!

Nathan Gorospe (Vigneri)-Nate participates on a regular basis and completes all his work in his homeroom class.

Marcos Grimaldo (Duong)- Marcos works extremely hard and always comes to school with a positive attitude. His tenacity and persistence never ceases to amaze me. Marcos does his best no matter how difficult the task is. His infectious smile, dedication to learn, and upbeat personality are just some of his incredible attributes. Marcos is truly a model student at Weller.

Ahileen Hernandez (Ramchandran)- Ahileen is an enthusiastic participant in class and is always ready to try something new. She is always willing to work with other students or help them if needed.

Wilson Liao (Winer)-Wilson works very hard on his writing and is always open to editing to do his best. He is also helpful to his peers in class.

Marques Martinez (Hirano)- Marques comes to school prepared and ready to learn. He has a positive attitude in class and is actively engaged in his learning. He is respectful towards his peers and follows our classroom rules.  

Johnathan Nguyen (Von Tersch)- Johnathan follows directions and gives 100% of his best effort. He is kind and respectful to his classmates

Brandi Pecot (da Silva)- Brandi is an amazing student with a great attitude about school! She gets help after school because she wants help, not because she is told to. She never gives up and continually strives to do better. 

Jose Rios (McCarter)- Jose is a responsible student who has made significant growth in READ 180. He becomes more confident in reading and enjoy it very much. Keep up the great work!

Mark Tice (Newstrom)-Mark is diligent in his class and homework. He has made more than 2 grade levels of improvement in his reading on i-Ready. He is doing very well in improving his writing as well. I'm very proud of all that Mark has been able to accomplish so far this year! Keep up the good work!

Bill Tran (Salazar)-Bill follows all class rules with a postive mindset. He always tries his best, even when he might feel uncomfortable due to a lack of skill or knowledge. He interacts well with all, and volunteers to participate in class modelling activities.