Student of the Month- December

Student of the Month- December

Desiree Arellano (Kepner)- Dez is attentive in class, particiates in discussions, and turns her work in on time. She works well in groups and as a partner. She is pleasant and has a great sense of humor.

Kristen Bongco (Duong)- Kristen is a hard working and persistent student. She is always productive and respectful in class. Her positive attitude, depth of knowledge, and skills are just some of her incredible characteristics. Kristen is truly a model student at Weller. 

Amber Chow (Vigneri)- Amber is excited about working out and puts forth full effort everyday.

John Devera (daSilva)- John is respectful of his peers and teachers at Weller. He follows school rules and is kind to others. He always completes his homework and classroom assignments.

Esther Fu (Nguyen)- Esther is a responsible student. She is safe inside and outside of the classroom.

Christina Hoang (Winer)- Christina is a very hardworking student who always does her best. She comes to class with a lot of curiousity and eagerness to learn.

Rachael Huynh (Von Tersch)- Rachael has improved in all areas. She follows classroom rules and is kind to others. She also has a positive learning attitude.

Jaden Lucero (Sharma)- She has been very responsible with turning in all her assignments on time. She is on task in class and is positive and respectful to peers and adults. 

Daniel Ly (Ramchandran)- Daniel is focused in class and stays on task during ELD and Science. He has learned to make appropriate choices and is always enthusiastic about learning.

Jenny Pham (Gilpin)- Jenny is eager to learn new things and is a hard worker. She has shown improvements in her oral language and writing. In class, Jenny participates, completes class work, and is willing to help others. Keep up the good work Jenny!

Rishita Rokariya (Mathias)- Rishita puts great effort into her work, aiming for top quality. She is polite and respectful, and abides by the directions and rules.

Mateos Sanchez-Levine (Lui)- Mateos is a wonderful student in class who is responsible and helpful to his peers. He always tries his best and completes his assignments on time. He is a great role model for his peers.

Danica Tang (Newstrom)- Danica is always prepared for class and has a great, hard working attitude. She likes to excel and gives her best effort. She is always polite, respectful, and helpful to teachers and peers.

Alexis Tran (McCarter)- Alexis not only works diligently in class but also does homework assignments with quality. She is an examplary student.  

Sophia Villo (Hirano)- Sophia always comes to school ready to learn. She follows directions and is an active participant in class. She is respectful for towards others and she remembers to keep her hands to herself. Good job Sophia! 

Yohan Yim (Salazar)- Yohan is a quiet young man who is beginning to open himself to the class. He listens attentively, and often surprises with his language fluidity and skill. Settles quickly in class and partners well with peers.

Katie Yu (Talucod)- Katie is an exceptionally nice student. She is always courteous and considerate to others. She also works hard and tries her best every single day.