Student of the Month- November

Student of the Month- November

Alana Chavez (Hart)- Alana is very modest and gives it her all. She respects her classmates and tries to help them when she can. Also, I can tell she is gives it her all when it come to her work.

Aaron Aguirre (Kepner)-

Arianna Valliant (Sharma)- She has made good growth in iReady and has a great attitude in class.

Daniel Olivas (Vigneri)- Daniel is very focused and serious when it comes to PE. He is a perfect role model to others on how to give it your all and do your best!

Ella Qiu (Von Tersch)-Ella is a super student. She has improved in all areas. She is kind, engaged in her learning and participates in classroom discussions. Keep up the good work Ella!

Faith Gabrielle Silan (Mathias)- Faith is a hard-working student who never wastes even a minute of her class time. She is kind and respectful towards others. Faith is the ideal student.

Gavin Martinez (McCarter)- Gavin makes a conscientious effort to be engaged in learning math and diligently practiced school work at home. He is a respectful citizen as well.

Jamie Le (Semrau)- Jamie works hard in class. She gets her work done quickly and work is done well. She cooperates with all students.

Jenson Quiro (Newstrom)- Jenson has made ridiculous progress in the first trimester. He was working with a group that had a lot of trouble working together in the beginning, and they became a top performing group. He has worked very hard, and has earned Student of the Month!!

Jessica Mai (Nguyen)- Jessica has improved so much at working independently during math. She often comments "math is easy!"

Joaquin Alino (Gilpin)- Joaquin is student who come to school with a positive attitude each day and is eager to learn. He works hard in class by participating in discussions and completing his classwork. Joaquin is also kind and helpful to his classmates. Keep up the good work Joaquin!

Jordan Wong (Ramchandran)- Jordan is always respectful and cooperative in class. He has made excellent progress in Science and is never off task.

Joshua Do (Winer)- Joshua is a responsible hard worker who does his best always. He is very respectful of staff and his peers. 

Keith Hadnot (Hirano)- Keith always comes to school ready to learn. He has a positive attitude and he treats others with respect. He is honest and trustworthy and does an excellent job following all of our school rules.

Lorenzo Pascual (Miller)- Lorenzo has made great progress in controlling his behavior. He is making better choices at recess this month, even though it is boring. He participates in the classroom and is very helpful.

Michael Ryan Rogers (Lui)- Michael Ryan comes to class every day ready to learn. He is attentative during lessons and follows all classroom and school rules. Keep up the good work Michael Ryan!

Mikylla Castillo (da Silva)- Mikylla is a kind to her peers, completes classwork and homework. She always puts effort into her work and strives to do her best.

Ryan Nguyen (Duong)- Ryan is a respectful, intelligent, and hard working student. He participates and engages in all classroom activities. He is great at setting personal and academic goals and works hard in order to achieve them. Ryan is truly a model student at Weller.

Shaaktiram Balakumar (Talucod)- Shaaktiram always follows the rules and is a very good listener. He works hard and always strives to do his best. He also has a pleasant attitude that makes our classroom a better place.

Thu Tran (Salazar)- Thu listens attentively in class. She is willing to attempt new skills without hesitation. She respects his classmates, participating with all while responsibly following instruction.