Student of the Month- October

Student of the Month Honorees- October

Nathan Gorospe (Ms. da Silva)- Nathan alway completes his homework and class work on never hesitates to do his best!

Jaden Lucero (Mr. Duong)- Jaden is an extremely respectful, positive, and intelligent young lady. She continually comes to school prepared with amazing work. She puts a lot of effort into her work and never turns anything that is not her best. Jaden is truly a model student at Weller.

Thai Tran (Ms. Gilpin)- Thai always comes to school on time. He puts forth effort on all assignments and participates in class. It is evident that Thai comes to school to learn and become a better reader and writer. He is a model student to others. Keep up the good work!

Annaliesa Clements (Ms. Hirano)- Annaliesa always tries her best and works hard in class. She is very good at following all of our rules and she is respectful towards her classmates and adults. Good job Annaliesa!

Cherise Maley (Mr. Kepner)- Always on task and helpful to others. Asks leading questions, causing others to think On task and focused.

Jessica Medina (Ms. Lui)- Jessica comes to school every day with a great attitude. She is always willing to help her peers with assignments and is careful to check her work to make sure it is both complete and correct. She is respectful and to everyone and follows all of our school rules. Keep up the great work, Jessica!

Jamie Le (Ms. Mathias)- Jamie responsibly completes her assignments, and then she respectfully helps others. Jamie follows all of rules and never endangers others. 

Anthony Calyen (Ms. McCarter)- Anthony works very hard in READ 180 class. He has made significant growth in reading Lexiles.

Mathew Santos (Ms. Miller)- Mathew always works hard in class. He is very friendly to everyone and always happy. He treats everyone with respect. Mathew does all of his homework as well.

Kylli Hipe (Mrs. Newstrom)- Kylli is always respectful and honest. She does her classwork in a timely manner and completes her homework on time. She asks great questions and always tries her best.

Ethan Luu (Ms. Nguyen)- Ethan has made considerable improvement behavior wise. He is more communicative and completing more class assignments.

Leila Phillips (Mrs. Ramchandran)- Leila is very polite and respectful in class and always on task. She willingly helps other students with their homework and classwork whenever needed.

Natalia Garcia (Mr. Salazar)- Natalia attempts every exercise with a positive attitude. She is willing to attempt new skills without hesitation. She respects his classmates, participating with all while responsibly following instruction.

Justin Do (Ms. Semrau)- Justin is kind to all students and is liked by all. He listens quietly and gets his work done on time.

Kashvi Pandya (Mrs. Sharma)- Kashvi comes in the classroom ready to learn. She actively participates in class and has a positive attitude.

Ian Rodriguez (Ms. Talucod)- Ian is a very respectful and kind student. He works hard on his own assignments and helps others whenever he can.

Aiden Ritter (Mrs. Vigneri) -Aiden completes all PE expectations with a positive attitude and is encouraging to others. He offers to help prep our PE equipment and is very respectful.

Cambria Balza (Mrs. Von Tersch)- Cambria comes to school prepared and ready to learn. She is a Model Citizen - polite to other students, staff, volunteers, and all guests and visitors.

Emily Lai (Ms. Winer)- Emily generally works hard to complete her work. She has not missed a day of school. Emily is willing to work with others and help them when they don't understand part of a task.