Student of the Month- September

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Student of the Month Honorees: September


Jade Crum (Ms. da Silva)-Jade is a role model for other students. She turns in her homework and stays on task. She also speaks loud and clearly when sharing ideas with her classmates.

Inbar Becker (Mr. Duong)- Inbar is extremely kind, respectful, and positive. She continually comes to school prepared and actively engages in class discussions. Inbar is truly a model citizen at Weller. 

Kate Ang (Ms. Gilpin)- Kate is a respectful student and comes to school ready to learn. She is friendly and helpful to others. In class, she sets a good example with her behavior by listening and following directions. Kate always takes her time and tries her best on assignments.  

Jessica Liu (Mr. Hart)- Jessica is very polite and modest. She give her best every day by showing responsibility in finishing her work on time. She even take time to help others when asked.  

Diego Vazquez (Ms. Hirano)- Diego has done a wonderful job learning our rules at school. He is very respectful towards his friends and he is a good helper in class. He is also a very hard worker. Good job Diego V.!

Arianna Buzenes (Mr. Kepner)- Arianna has been focused in both Homeroom and Science. She has done her homework and I am proud of her effort.

Maya Do (Ms. Lui)- Maya is a respectful student who comes to class daily ready to learn and actively engage in all lessons. She is helpful with her peers and encourages others to be good citizens of the classroom as she sets a stellar example of how to follow directions, walk in the hallways and abide by classroom rules. 

Kirthi Gopinath (Ms. Mathias)- It is clear, by Kirthi's behavior in class, that she comes to school to learn. She listens, follows directions, and checks in with me to make sure she is doing her work correctly. She is also respectful towards others.

Odette Delgado (Ms. McCarter)- Odette makes an excelltent effort to be a responsible learner, and she is an outstanding citizen.

Luna Robledo (Ms. Miller)- Luna works hard in class and is using more English. She is very friendly to all the students. She talks to her peers to learn more English.

Deeksha Mamidi (Ms. Newstrom)- Deeksha always comes to school prepared and is actively engaged. She is very detail oriented in her work and gives her best effort. She works well with her group and asks great questions. 

Andrew Nguyen (Ms. Nguyen)- Andrew is always happy to be at school. He tries his best with work. He is friendly to peers and staff.

Deserei Basa (Mrs. Ramchandran)- Desirei has a great attitude towards school. She gets along well with her peers and is always ready to help. Desirei is always respectful to all Weller staff.

Edgar Santana (Mr. Salazar)- Edgar exemplied responsibility, respect, and safety. He is in line on time, waiting for announcements. He respects his classmates, participating with all while responsibly following instruction.

Geneva Deng (Ms. Semrau)- Geneva has many excellent qualities as a student. She is always prepared to listen, share, and do her work.

Damon Sueoka (Mrs. Sharma)- Damon comes to school ready to learn and is actively engaged in his learning. He has a positive attitude and follows rules and directions carefully. 

Abigayle Asuncion (Ms. Talucod)- Abigayle comes to school focused and ready to learn every day. She tries her best to complete all her assignments. She is also respectful to everyone and follows all of our school rules.

Demetris Sheilds (Mrs. Vigneri)- Demetris has a great attitude in PE and participates enthusiastically.

Jocelyn Gomez-Tejeda (Mrs. Von Tersch)-Jocelyn comes to school ready to learn every day. She is a model citizen who is respectful, responsible and safe every day!