What we are learning....

Ms. Talucod's Math Class-Room 113


Understanding Subtraction


  • subtract, subtraction sentence, difference, minus (-), take away, compare, find a missing part, count backwards
  • Using pictures and models (blocks/ counters) to illustrate subtraction

Subtraction sentence: 8-5=3

Math Actions:  

take away (how many are left?)

compare (how many more?)

find a missing part (4+ ? =9)


Math Textbooks Grades K-3


California Mathematics

Concepts, Skills, and Problem Solving 


First Grade:  www.ca.gr1math.com

Second Grade: 

Third Grade:

Primary Math

SJSU-Primary Math Team

Welcome to the Primary Math website! 

What We Are Learning

In Ms. Hirano's Class - Room 105

  • Numbers 0-10.  See if your child can do the following tasks with the numbers:
    • Count to 10
    • Recognize the numbers 0-10 when they are mixed up
    • Put the numbers 0-10 in order if they are mixed up
    • Write the numbers
  • Shapes
    • Recognize the shapes (triangle, circle, rectangle, diamond/rhombus, square, oval)
  • Colors
    • identify the different colors (for example, if there is a picture of a frog and you ask your child what color the frog is, they should say, “green”)
  • Patterns
    • Your child should be able to extend (continue) different types of patterns.  
    • The types of patterns we’ve been learning about include the following:
      • Color  (example: red, blue, red, blue, red, blue)
      • Size  (example: BIG, little, BIG, little, BIG, little)
      • Shape (example:)
      • AB, ABC, AAB, ABB
        • Any pattern can be labeled with letters.  Students have learned that all patterns will start with the letter “A.”
        • If the picture changes, then the letter changes.  Using the above shape pattern as an example, the circle would be labeled “A” because it is the first picture in the pattern.  The square would be labeled “B” because the picture has changed from a circle to a square.
        • See if your child can show you how to label patterns.