History of Weller School

Joseph Weller Elementary School was named for a man who was influential in Milpitas and in California. He was born in Warren County, New Jersey, on October 10, 1819 and grew up on a farm. In 1846, he graduated from the State Normal School at Albany. After graduation, he studied law and worked as a teacher. He worked as a teacher until May of 1850 when he caught gold fever. After that, he left New York and sailed to California. In the spring of 1851, he came to Santa Clara County. He rented a ranch from James Murphy, and for the next two years he farmed.

In May of 1853, he settled in Milpitas upon a tract of four hundred acres. Here he grew hay and grain and raised livestock. In 1855, Joseph organized the Milpitas School District and was appointed one of its trustees. He remained a trustee for 24 years. He was elected to the office of Justice of the Peace in 1856 and held this office for 22 years until 1878. He also was one of the Associate Judges of Santa Clara County. In 1878, he was elected as a member of the State Constitutional Convention and assisted in framing the California State Constitution. We are extremely proud of our school and its heritage.