Student Council

Newsletter Article: Jack Emery Canned Food Drive Has Begun!!!

by Irelan and Madison


The Jack Emery Drive is the most important part of November because it gives food to people who need it for themselves and family members especially when kids are in the family. One person gets one can, for example, if there is a family of four, and they want pears, chicken noodle soup, beans, and carrots. They would each get one can of pears, one can of beans, one can of soup, and one can of carrots. If they also wanted rice too, they would get 2 bags (2 people=1 bag). The Milpitas Food Pantry also gives away medical supplies, they let homeless people use the Pantry’s shower and get fresh clothes. The volunteers and employees help connect people to the right resources to help them find jobs and cheap houses. 


Last year, MUSD was the Milpitas Food Pantry’s biggest donor. Also last year MUSD raised $20,000 and donated 60,000 cans. Milpitas Food Pantry’s goal is to raise 10 more cans than they did that previous year.  They grow some food instead of buying the organic food from stores that costs a lot of money, so they are actually saving money. Last year, they had only 2 planter boxes to plant food such as squash, tomatoes and radishes. This year they now have 5 planter boxes for a garden. 


Currently we have about 350 cans but about 50 were expired. The expired cans get donated to Freegans that will use the food. If it is too old, it gets sent to farmers who will feed it to their goats, sheep, pigs or make compost. 


Just a reminder, the class with the highest amount of cans will get a party. One class from Preschool, one class from Primary, and one class from Intermediate. Remember to bring in cans that are not expired and money donations. Weller’s can goal is 1,675 and the money goal is $950. We hope that you will be able to help us reach and pass both of our goals. Thank you for your support.


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