Student Council

Biographies for Council Officers

These are the biographies each Council member wrote to go with their photo.


Justin, President

Justin is in the 6th Grade. He likes playing basketball, mountain and dirt biking and playing with RC vehicles. There are 5 of people in his family, Mom and Dad, 2 brothers, Joaqui, Jerard, and Justin. His favorite subject in school is Science. 


Zach, Vice President-Service

Zach is in the 6th grade. This will be his seventh year at Weller. Playing basketball and soccer are his favorite sports. The best subject in school is P.E.. Zach's favorite food is pizza. He really enjoys traveling with his family.


Abbygail, Vice President-Spirit

Abbygail is in 4th grade. Her favorite hobby is drawing especially drawing characters. She loves to bake many things such as cake pops. Abbygail's favorite thing to do with her family is go on vacations like to Seattle. She really enjoyed it there. When Abbygail grows up, she wants to be a baker or an animator. She wants to be either one because they both include her favorite hobbies


Jade, Secretary

Jade is in the 4th grade. This year will be her fourth at Weller. Jade's favorite sports are soccer and basketball. Her favorite subject in school is P.E. The best vacation in Jade's opinion was when her family and Jade went to the Grand Canyon to see how it looks like and what is there.


Kenny, Treasurer

Kenny in the 5th grade. His favorite hobby is to code, languages. Currently, Kenny is coding Java and still learning to make games and auto solvers (Math Equations). When he is with his family, Kenny loves to talk and play games. He wants to be an engineer at Google, Apple, HP, or Microsoft.


Jasmine, Historian


Jasmine is in the 4th grade and this year will be her third year at Weller.  Her favorite hobby is swimming. Jasmine loves swimming because she can cool off on a hot day. Jasmine loves going on vacations with her family. This summer she went on a road trip to Portland and Seattle! When Jasmine grows up, she wants to be a Chemist.