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How to Contact Me

Ms. Cyd Mathias
2nd/3rd Grade Teacher
345 Boulder St.
Milpitas, CA  95035
Phone: 408-635-2876 X1120

Scholastic Book Clubs Classroom Code

When ordering Scholastic books online, please use our classroom code:


Reading is Cool Reading Log

Below is the link for a new Reading is Cool Reading Log.

Reading Log

Student of the Month - November

Our November Student of the Month is Cambria Balza.

Here are some of the reasons:

  • She works quietly.
  • She is pleasant.
  • She pays attention.
  • She follows directions.
  • Her card remains in the green section.
  • She completes all assignments.
  • Her work is of high quality.
  • Her work is neat.
  • She completes the homework and turns it in on time.
  • She respects all of the students.
  • She cooperates with me and her classmates.
  • She helps other students when I request it.
  • She works well, independently, and with others.
  • She leads her table in cleaning up and accumulating table points.


Top Reader - Sept,, Oct., Nov., Dec.

Ellen Hu was our top reader for September and October

Sameeha Mujtaba is our top reader for November with 1,076 pages read

Christie Nian is our top reading for December with 689 pages read.


Student of the Week Schedule

Student of the Week has begun, and since every student will be Student of the Week once, I decided to order them by first name, reverse alphabetical order.  Therefore our first and current Student of the Week is Yvonne Tam.  Please make a note of your student's week.  Thank you!

Yvonne 09/26/16
Venice 10/03/16
Valerie Yan En 10/10/16
Tiffany 10/17/16
Sophia Claire 10/24/16
Sameeha 10/31/16
Matthew 11/07/16
Lana Joy 12/12/16
Kaya  01/09/17
Jeric John 01/30/17
Jenine 02/06/17
Jaion 02/13/17
Ellen 02/27/17
Elizabeth 03/06/17
Danny 03/13/17
Christie 03/20/17
Chloe 03/2717
Cambria 04/0317
Brendan 04/1717
Arnold 04/24/17
Ana Celia 05/0817
Aaron 05/15/17
Nia  05/22/17


Welcome to Room #112

Elizabeth's Book Picks

Elizabeth loves series books.  Her favorite picks are Rainbow Magic, Ivy & Bean, Whatever After, and Grimnastic Girls.

Reciters of "No No November"

Reciters of

What we are learning in Language Arts

  • Reading Comprehension Strategies 
    • Making Predictions
    • Questioning
    • Visualizing
    • Inferring
    • Rereading
    • Summarizing
  • Syllabication
  • Prefixes
  • Pronouns
  • Combining Sentences with Two Subject Pronouns
  • Subject/Verb Agreement
  • Writing Narratives
    • Beginning, middle and end
      • Setting, Characters
        • Putting oneself last (She and I)
        • Adding details
        • Conclusion 


Homework focus: i-Ready

Your child is encouraged to devote at least 45 minutes per week on i-Ready Reading and 45 minutes per week on i-Ready Math.  

Please note that the "Extra Math" referred to on my coversheet refers to the math worksheets.

scholastic news magazine

I provide Scholastic News, a weekly magazine that contains current nonfiction.  Today, the students read about the bison, the United State's newest official symbol: the country's national mammal. They also read about the presidential candidates and their running mates.  They even voted for either Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, or a write-in candidate. Our own Ellen Hu got the most (write-in) votes.  

Thanks for feeding your kids before school

It's working!  Your morning feedings has enabled your kids to be satisfied until lunch!  Thank you!

P.E. Schedule

Mondays,    1:00 to 2:00

Tuesdays,  10:00 to 11:00

Thursdays, 10:00 to 11:00  

Learning Lab Schedule

Mondays,       9:00 - 10:00

Wednesdays, 9:00 - 10:00

Library Schedule

Tuesdays, 12:05 - 12:30

Spirit (Sport) Day

Thank you so much for participating in our first Spirit Day, "Sport Day"!  Ms. Dang's class won. 




On October 31st, we officially launched our Matter unit (Science) for our 2nd graders and Government unit (Social Studies) for our 3rd graders, using SEAL techniques. Ask your child what they have learned in their respective SEAL classrooms. 

Common Core Standards

The Common Core State Standards initiative is an educational initiative in the United States that details what K-12 students should know in English language arts and mathematics at the end of each ...more

Links to 2nd grade CCS

links to 3rd grade ccs

Raz-Kids is Up & Running

Our students may begin reading e-books on  Their username and password is the same as their i-Ready username and password.  Please let me know if your student doesn't know theirs.

The Teacher's Username is Mathias112

Daily Timed Math Tests

According to the CCS, 2nd grade students are expected to memorize their addition facts with sums up to 20, and 3rd graders are expected to memorize their multiplication tables. To help facilitate the memorization, daily we have 5-minute timed tests. We are all starting with addition, beginning with the "adding 0 & 1" page.  Students who complete that sheet in 5 minutes will challenge the next sheet, "adding 2" the next day, and so on.  Any student who fails to pass a particular page, twice, will be given that page to practice at home.  Addition will be followed by Subtraction, then Multiplication, then Division.  I encourage my 3rd graders to begin practicing their multiplication tables at home.  I have flash cards for anyone who would like to borrow them.

Khan Academy Now Available to Rm. #112

Because Mrs. McCarter encouraged and helped me, Room #112 now has access to Khan Academy, which provides tutorial videos and practice opportunities for our students.  Just open Khan Academy use the same usual login and password that you use for i-Ready, and try some lessons.  You can matriculate through the lessons, and become a master of mathematics!

Online Learning/Skill Building

Suggested Websites:


i-ready-com   - Reading/Language Arts: develops

                         reading and language arts domains

                         Mathematics: develops math concepts

                         and skills   - Develops reading skills - Teaches math concepts and skills

Language Arts Games